What is eclectic homeschooling? 

Eclectic homeschooling is a highly individualized education method resulting from  mixing and matching a a variety of resources.  It is an exceptionally personalized approach for every child based on their strengths, learning styles, and interest

What is Charlotte Mason's philosophy? 

By “Atmosphere,” Charlotte meant the surroundings in which the child grows up. A child absorbs a lot from his home environment. Charlotte believed that the ideas that rule your life as a parent make up one-third of your child’s education.

By “Discipline,” Charlotte meant the discipline of good habits—and specifically habits of character. Cultivating good habits in your child’s life make up another third of his education.

The other third of education, “Life,” applies to academics. Charlotte believed that we should give children living thoughts and ideas, not just dry facts.  . So all of her methods for teaching the various school subjects are built around that concept.

What is Montessori? 

The Montessori method of education, named after its founder Maria Montessori, is an approach to classroom learning that emphasizes choice and independence. This theory of teaching understands that children have an innate interest to learn and will be able to do so in a suitable environment. 

When do classes start?

Classes follow local school calendars. 

Is lunch provided?

All students attending in person will need to bring a lunch, snack, and water bottle.  

Are you an Epic vendor? 

I am in the process of becoming an Epic vendor. 

Will you keep records? 

Although the Oklahoma homeschool statute does not require recordkeeping, I will keep the following records in a portfolio for your child:

-information on activities, textbooks, workbooks, and other tools students use 

-samples of student's work

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about teaching styles and availability. ashleyagarrett@gmail.com